Your Body, Your Power – Natalie Baack


Topic: Your Body, Your Power

nataliesquareSpeaker:  Natalie Baack

What you will learn:

  • Intuitive eating for health and to develop a deeper connection to your body and intuition
  • Intuitive movement for embodiment and to prevent/heal from burn-out
  • How connecting to your body helps you hear and feel your intuition (and you boost your confidence and find more love for yourself when you act on it)

About: Natalie’s mission is to help women everywhere untangle their self-worth and health from looks and weight so they can feel truly empowered in all areas of their lives.

Links: Website

Gift: The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Living a Body Positive Life.


Prize: A 90 min 1:1 deep dive Food and Body Breakthrough session with Natalie!

Fill in a question or a comment below in the ‘Leave a reply’ box by May 28 at 6:00 am EST and you’ll be entered to win!

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. caroburr says:

    This resonates with me.. I love that you acknowledge the need to allow ourselves what we need to feel safe until we are ready to choose something different, that it’s about self-love first and when we eat something that doesn’t suit us to love ourselves for our choice in that moment. I know when I am grounded in myself and allow and notice my emotions, I want and am able to make different food choices. It’s great hearing you include movement too.. as I’ve been starting to explore this more as notice more what my body wants and tells me.
    What a great way to spend my evening with the kids in bed – so much more enriching than the TV 😀 Thank you.


  2. Judie Cummings says:

    First – I love the sign you have on your wall behind you!
    So much of your talk I can relate to. My relationship with food has been interesting and learned from growing up. I am conscious about how I am modeling it for my children. And learning to really love and accept myself has been a great way and isn’t always easy for me.


  3. Verena says:

    Wow, I have to let that information sink in a bit more… partly I felt like your were speaking directly to me, like you were sitting in my head. 😅 it was a great talk, truly. And clearly, it’s the little things that have a great impact. Quieting down and tuning in to listen to the body us so powerful, yet so difficult at times. Your message is a feat inspiration to me! Thanks, Natalie!


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