Why Tarot: An Introduction to Tarot as a Tool for Self-Discovery – Sarah M. Chappell


Topic: Why Tarot: An Introduction to Tarot as a Tool for Self-Discovery

sarah 2Speaker:  Sarah M. Chappell

Participants will learn an intuitive way to approach tarot, a framework for all 78 tarot cards, and tarot spreads for self care.
What you will learn:

  • Learn to use tarot as a tool for self care
  • How to engage with your deck and develop your intuition
  • Next steps to use tarot as the foundation for personal transformation and growth

About: Sarah M. Chappell is a transformational healer based outside of Asheville, North Carolina. She intuitively blends tarot, flower and stone essences, and herbal remedies to empower women to heal themselves. Her personal journey of healing depression and addiction has led her to believe that we each have the ability to create our own well-being, and that with tools and support we can unravel, shift, and heal our stories of suffering.

Links:  Website | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook

Gift: Why Tarot? Guide


Prize: An Unravel Reading with Sarah!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Kirstin Latimer says:

    I connected to this so deeply, thank you for inspiring me to continue with my tarot journey. Love x


  2. Jill Lawrence says:

    Hi Sarah,
    This talk was helpful for me. I am excited to receive the e-book. Thank you for including that with the video. I enjoyed seeing you amongst the beautiful trees. My favorite part was the “three layers” of the major arcana.


  3. aran says:

    very great introduction to tarot. Love the idea of using the cards for conversation with self. Tarot doesn’t seem as intimidating anymore…thank you


  4. Jen Erlys says:

    Thank you so much, Sarah! This was really helpful for me to think about Tarot in some new ways. I have been diving into it recently, but I haven’t thought about how the suits line up with elements. That will be helpful to remember. Looking forward to reading through the ebook! Thank you!!!!


  5. Verena says:

    So intetesting! Have been curious about tarot, thanks for sharing!


  6. Helena Falcon-Ramos says:

    I like how you talk about using tarot for reflection rather than just for telling.


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