Wholeful Living 12 Week Program (BETA)

Simple weekly steps to delicious health, inspired living and refreshed moxie.

I’m turning 40 and feeling better than I did at 30 or even 20. The reason is I got sick. I was forced to look at how I eat, how little I moved and how much stress (I thought) I could handle. It was a life changer in that I felt like my life was on hold while I figured out how to be healthy again. It took years.

Not every woman has the time to go back to school to learn how to feed their family with true nutrition or spend time trying out hundreds of ways to reduce stress, just to find the most effective. I now consider myself lucky to have learned it, even though I had to become sick to figure it out.So I’m packing tons of this info into daily bite-sized tips and weekly goals for a 12 week program where we take itty-bitty steps to health over 12 weeks.

This program is for you if you:

  • woman1Want to eat healthier, but aren’t sure what is actually healthy.
  • Have a hard time focusing on your health even though you know that you could be eating better
  • Don’t always have time or interest for long exercises or lectures, but can squeeze in little tips and short videos
  • Want to learn the essentials of eating delicious and healthy foods, the essentials of essential oils, self-care tips and/or Carl Jung’s archetypes 101
  • Have had the thought, “self-care seems a little selfish” or “I don’t have time for self-care”
  • Need new weekly whole food recipes that are easy and tasty
  • Are looking for a whole health journey including the body, mind and spirit, without a lot of commitment
  • Desire others to support and share the journey with
  • Want a coaching program, but don’t have funds (The Beta starting September 27 is free)
  • Looking to learn more but don’t necessarily want to commit
  • Want to help me Beta test a program

It took my 5 years of figuring it out, and I want everyone to feel as good as I do at 40. Join me for 12 weeks of rebooting your system and rejuvenating your health.

The Beta is FREE! The next one starts November 1, 2016.

This free (yes you read that right) program is packed with essential information about health of the body, mind and spirit. Wholeful Living is about finding a peaceful balance of all parts of yourself.


Some of the things we’ll discuss:

Saturday NourishmentEasy steps to better nutrition: No crash dieting, counting calories or crazy restrictions. Baby steps to choosing, preparing and eating healthy food. I’ll offer new recipes each week, and tips for making eating healthy easy.


Monday Movement walkingFun, inspired ways to get more movement: If the gym ain’t your thing, we are probably soul sisters. I have friends who are experts in making movement fun and easy. You may even find yourself dancing more in your kitchen.


Friday arch week 1Introduction to archetypes: If you want to change the energy in your life, nothing helps more than understanding a little about Carl Jung and how we can manifest the best energy for what we need. If you don’t understand, no worries, you will.


Thursday TherapyHolistic essential oil therapy 101:  Each week, we’ll talk about a different essential oil so you can learn sustainable, natural ways to clean your home, boost your health and more in a sustainable, holistic approach.


Sunday selfcareSelf-care and body love essentials: Loving your body, mind and spirit is a journey. We’ll talk about how to love our bodies, boost our self-care routine and offer new ways to boost your self-esteem that you will look forward to doing. It’s easier to get where we are going if we love who we are today.

ConnectSupport is highly encouraged: we’ll be connecting on Facebook so I’ll be encouraging people to find a buddy and will even offer small group coaching sessions to participate in. If you aren’t on Facebook, let me know and I will see if I can fix you up with another person via email, phone or text.

youchooseChoose how you want support: pick what works for you. Want an email every day? Fantastic, I can check in and send you the daily tip and quote along with any other resources I post for the day. Want to purchase the journal and follow along (plus get some cool coloring pages), you can do that too. The point is, you choose what works for you. You choose what parts you want to participate in and how. You have all the power.


Choose one or all of the following options. Your participation and activity level all depend on what you think is best for you.

emailupdates1. Daily Updates in your inbox (BEST BET):

If you want updates to your mailbox, you can sign up for daily emails for the 12 weeks starting November 1 here.

face (1)2. Join the Facebook Group:

Share, check-in and get all the daily resources delivered right to your Facebook timeline. The original September 27 program is running, which will be at week 6 when you start so your best bet is the emails, or pick up where we are.

  1. Go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/invitingshift/
  2. Click the notifications button at the top so you’ll be updated every time I post a new tip.

journalcover3. Follow along with the ‘Living The Best Life Journal

Track and see the simple outline journey ahead of time with your own copy of the Journal with the coloring pages, recipes and daily health tracking. Purchase the Journal on Amazon here.

free2weekjournalfb4. Want to track without a purchase?

I’m accommodating that too in this free Beta trial. (In the program for 2017, I’ll be offering the journal in the program fee.) Get a free 2-week download for joining the tribe during the beta here.

support buddy5. Want support?

Join our check-in calls on Sunday evenings at 7 pm Eastern or Thursdays at 12 pm Eastern and check in with us. We’ll discuss struggles and share what’s working and what isn’t. Details are released on the Facebook group. Not on Facebook? Email me and I will make sure you get the call details.

Why should you sign up now:

It’s easy.

We introduce topics, make small challenges for ourselves each week, and track progress. That’s it. It isn’t about replacing every item in your kitchen or changing your entire routine. It’s about fine-tuning, checking that we’re on the right track and creating a daily life we have enough energy to enjoy.

woman4Imagine having more energy and personal power!

The goal is to offer enough energy to do everything you love. Health is also about taking our power back over ourselves and our circumstances. We’re going to touch on it all but it won’t feel overwhelming because we’ll offer tiny bits of information as we go.

It’s a learning process.

My group is supportive and I enforce encouragement over judgement. We are all starting from different places and I require everyone to be respectful, supportive and compassionate. I create a safe space so people feel comfortable enough to stretch themselves while keeping their own boundaries. This isn’t about perfection, it’s about awareness and making little choices.

There is no risk.

I’m not charging anything, so really you have nothing to risk except continuing to feel as you do. It’s worth the chance to see if you really can boost your energy, learn more about yourself and pick up a few tips. Even if you don’t follow along exactly, you can still learn by checking in with the group.

Where else you get a 12-week coaching program for free?

Nowhere, that’s where. I am offering this as a gift for my birthday. My mission is to spread health (body, mind and spiritual health) across the globe. You get a free program to share with your friends.

Help a sister out – I need feedback.

I’m wanting to offer this in the future again, so I would love your feedback. Too much info, not enough, not clear enough, more video, less video… you tell me. It’ll help me craft content that makes sense.

woman2What women want:

I’ve been surveying women and what I’ve heard from women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s is that they want:

  • Real natural health without required products
  • Start from scratch with simple lessons
  • Small bits of digestible information that doesn’t requires hours to take in
  • More energy
  • How to have better health without crazy restrictions
  • Add minimal but effective movement
  • Be more in control of emotions
  • Feel more confident and sexier

The materials and support offered in this program:

  • Check -in calls with small groups for group support
  • 12week sample daily posts2Daily tips, quotes and topics in under 2 minutes (via email or Facebook, your choice)
  • Weekly lessons and challenges to practice what we learn
  • Movement videos to show you how easy staying fit can be and to boost your energy
  • A basic understanding of key essential oils and how they help
  • A weekly introduction to different archetypes and how to use the power of each for our best advantage
  • Short videos to make learning easy and easy-on-the-eyes
  • Access to me whenever you need via email. I respond within 24 hours – just as if you were a paying client. Ask me anything.
  • Weekly check-in and arranging of support partners

Share this 12 week journey with a supportive friend

and you already have an accountability partner. Or get a group together and I am happy to host some coaching calls for your group, just email me and let me know.

Sign up now!

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