Video/Podcast: Looking at Core Wounds

In so many of our talks we mention core wounds. Then someone emails me and asks me something like – why is someone cutting me off in traffic a core wound. The answer is, it isn’t.

The core wound is not the person cutting you off. The core wound lives under that.

Defining core wound:

Core: the innermost or central part of anything

Wound: an injury or hurt

Core wounds are the wounds underneath the everyday experiences we have. Many of the experiences we have that we react to in a strong emotional way have a shared core wound under the surface.

In this video, I discuss:

  • What core wounds are
  • How they impact us
  • How they impact our relationships
  • How we recognize them
  • How we heal them

Listen in!



Can’t hear it? Listen to it on Soundcloud here.

What are the core wounds that you’ve discovered?

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