Whose Dream Is It?

Are you wondering…

Whose Dream is This?

You’ve probably heard my story before, but here’s the high level. I checked all the boxes of what I thought I should do to be happy. College degree. Check. Good job with benefits and paying all bills. Check. Great husband. Check. Healthy child. Check. House. Check. 

Then I was supposed to be happy. 

But I wasn’t. 

I had been doing what I thought I should or had to… based on what I heard from parents, teachers, other people, etc. It was based on what they thought I might be good at or where I excelled rather than what I actually wanted. 

It wasn’t my dream. 

I had to go back to the drawing board and make a lot of tweaks to my life (I kept the husband and child, but my relationship with both are even better).

1.4 Worksheets: Validating Whose Dream It Is

So now we’re going to look at these desires and dreams you have and ensure they are yours. They are the things of your heart, not your thinking that’s been influenced by others. 

Do the worksheets for this section in your workbook or find just this section 1.4 here.