The Conflicts that Arise

When we make change…

Inner conflict arises.

It’s normal. Completely normal.

You’ve tried changing habits before. When we do that there’s often a bit of a push-and-shove between our old defaults and our new intentions. 

We can often think that means we can’t do it, but it’s still in your power. And your power is in your choices. 

This is slightly easier than it seems when it comes to the Intentional & Aligned Method because we have our intentions to feel into in order to know what the right track is.

After all, your intentions were born from what is most essential and important to you. 

So you may find yourself doing the things that may not seem ‘practical’ or ‘efficient’, but rather what aligns with your heart. 

Remember you have core beliefs that may need to be looked at. We can change the rules in midlife. We can go against the grain… if we are brave and courageous enough. 

5.2 The Conflicts that Arise

In this worksheet, you’ll look at the challenges that come up. Where are you more in alignment? That’s the right choice. 

You can find it in the full workbook or just download this sheet here