Relooking at the Transportation (Intentions)

Tips for Relooking at your Intentions.

Wait 6 months minimum.

You’ve just spent time and energy settling in on these. If conflicts or weirdness come up, just observe it. Notice the thoughts you’re having and see what you can learn about yourself. 

Annually for me…

and that doesn’t mean that I change them annually. Sometimes I haven’t mastered them yet and need more time. I’ve found after doing this for a decade that I’ve settled into ones that feel exactly right and there’s always been more room to grow and they’ve guided me well. I still relook at them every year just to dream bigger and see if they still fit. 

If your intentions no longer light you up…

make sure you’re not shaming or blaming yourself for every little thing and that you are celebrating all the things that relate to them. Also, remember the ritual from module 6.1. We need to bring the feeling into our bodies. Our minds will overthink it. 

Then, if they still don’t light you up – look at refining your intentions in 6.3.

You might consider mini-intentions…

When I travel or go on vacation or approach a new project, I dream of what I want this one thing to feel like. I create intentions for that specific thing. When we go on vacation it’s usually something like connection, nature, or relaxation. Or we’ll know when we’ve found our land if it feels like: wild, magical, honoring the sacred. One note: I wouldn’t make these for everything, just really special situations where you might need more than your full-time intentions. 

How to relook at intentions:

Start the whole process over. Really. I do it every year, only I do it in a day or two because once you have the hang of it, it goes smoothly