Relooking at the Directions (Steps to get there)

Tips for relooking at our action steps:

We do things the way we always did them… until now. 

Sometimes those default ways are getting in our way even though I am certain they worked for a good part of our life. But when we change our perspective on life and start living with intention, the intention guides us and that intention doesn’t always align with how we always did things. 

Hard work creates success. This is something I learned since a little girl. It seems harmless, but for my brain that took it to another level, it was literally killing me with stress. The story I told myself was that if I wasn’t successful enough – I wasn’t doing enough hard stuff. I did all my hard stuff first which meant I crowded out all the fun stuff and I even made the fun stuff hard because I wanted to be successful. It was a cycle of stress and exhaustion that never ended feeling good. I mean, I got stuff done and checked off my lists but I sure didn’t feel how I wanted to. 

We have to give ourselves permission to do things the way our heart wants to do them. That might mean having fun and THEN doing the work. It might be allowing yourself to celebrate yourself going through hard stuff. It might mean giving yourself permission to fail and try again. It might mean trying something new. It probably will require you to do something new or at least differently. 

Feel your way through. 

What feels like the best path?

It’s okay to explore different directions. When we live with intention, the destination isn’t the end-al-be-all. We don’t have to rush there. We can stop and feel the way we want to feel on the way so we don’t sacrifice our version of happy until we get there. 

You might just find you get there with more joy even quicker.