Refining Intentions

Sometimes things need a little more detail.

Refining Intentions.

First, this isn’t about changing our intentions. I HIGHLY recommend keeping what you’ve settled on for AT LEAST 6 months. 

The challenges that come up are important. This is teaching you where you are out of alignment with what you want. It’s telling you where you aren’t making choices in favor of what you say is important.

However, there are times when we want to be more specific so that we can bring the feeling of our intention in. If your intentional words aren’t lighting you up anymore, it might be time to refine them.

This is about going after the same feeling that the original intention had – only making it more clear so that you can more easily bring on that feeling when you want it. 

6.3 Refining our Intentions

You can find these worksheets in the workbook or download them here