Managing Uncomfortable Feelings

Uncomfortable feelings are a part of life.

Here’s how you manage them & hold your intentions.

Some people call them negative feelings – anger, fear, shame, guilt, grief…

However, all feelings are normal. To call some negative means that they aren’t appropriate and we start asking ourselves: “What’s wrong with me?”

The answer is nothing is wrong with you. 

All feelings are messengers. 

That’s all they are. 

They don’t have to take over.

We just haven’t been taught how to be with the discomfort of them. So we avoid, or react from them instead. 

It’s the reaction from the emotion that can be unsafe. 

And we are complex beings. We can have the uncomfortable feelings and hold what we want at the same time. 

We just have to be mindful and intentional. 

That’s what the Crone can teach us. She sees everything the same. She can hold the dark and the light and not give preference to either. She can hold life and death and see them the same – not one better than the other. 

6.2 Crone & Uncomfortable Feelings

Remember to journal all the details. Your inner wisdom is talking to you. 

You can get the journaling questions in the workbook or get just this sheet here.