Going Beyond the Shore

What we really want is

Beyond the Shore.

We’re often just too scared to go after it. Or it seems like a lot of work. Or we tell ourselves we should just be grateful. 

And we like comfort. So much. It takes discomfort for us to move. 

Or we step into thriving and start giving ourselves permission to dream bigger. 

1.2 Commitment: Giving Yourself Permission

So in this section, you are going to first read and commit to giving yourself permission. 

It will allow you to open your imagination before you do the visualization without feeling fear or feeling overwhelmed. It’s just information.

1.2 Worksheet here (or in the workbook).

1.3 Visualization: Nurturing Our Dreams & Journaling Questions

Then you’ll do the visualization.

What you need to know about visualization is 

1.) Not everyone is good at it at first — allow it to be what it is 

2.) There isn’t a right or wrong way to do it or visualize it. Some people see things in different ways. Allow yourself to be curious rather than judgmental or trying to ‘fix things about it. Your inner wisdom is speaking. Just see it as it comes up for you.

Then journal out the questions for the visualization from the workbook or download just the 1.3 worksheet here.