Feeling into the Destination

More important than your goal…

The why behind it.

Even if you don’t have a crystal clear goal that you want to move on, we’re going to extend our imagination so that we can get to the juiciness of what we want.

You see, behind every vision board or dream, there is something that we’re hoping to FEEL when we get there. 

In fact, that’s the only reason we dream it in the first place. 

So in this week’s first lesson, we’re going to FEEL into our dreams. What is it we TRULY crave?

First, visualize and then, journal down everything of note and try the questions below. 

2.1 Visualization: Feeling into the Dream

Do your best to visualize and feel into any dream that you have or all of them at once. Again, remember that it will show up as it does. There’s no right or wrong and even if you see nothing, that could mean something too. 

The Journaling Questions for this section are in the workbook or you can download just the questions here.