Feeling Good on the Way

We’ve been collecting evidence our whole life…

Just the wrong evidence.

Whether you’re aware or not, you’ve been collecting evidence. 

  • Evidence that you aren’t enough (or maybe too much)
  • Evidence that what you’ve been taught is right
  • Evidence that old rules are right
  • Evidence that what other people think is important
  • Evidence that failure, uncomfortable emotions, and conflict is bad

But none of that is absolute. It’s just that we’ve collected so much evidence our brain thinks it’s true. 

But we never looked for the positive. Our brains are trained to look for unsafe things and now that we are pretty safe in the world, our brain confuses anything that might be uncomfortable with things that are unsafe. 

  • It’s not unsafe to believe you’re enough. 
  • It’s not unsafe to think against what you were taught.
  • It’s not unsafe to go against all the old rules you created for yourself.
  • It’s not unsafe to not listen to others.
  • It’s not unsafe to fail, feel those uncomfortable emotions, or have conflict come up. 

It’s just REALLY uncomfortable. 

That’s what courage is for…

And opening our perspective can help us start collecting evidence that our intentions are also true in the world. 

We just haven’t sought them out before. 

So we need to collect positive evidence that is in alignment with us. 

5.3: Collecting Evidence & Making a Plan

You can find this in the full workbook or you can downoad just this worksheet here.