This is a quick look at where your archetypes fall.

Please keep in mind with the results that we aren’t going for a 100% on anything necessarily. There is a harmony to the archetypes. Depending on one more than others can actually cause more problems if we aren’t aware.

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1.I can envision my goals and ways to get there.
2.I think that enjoying life is overall more important than achieving goals.
3.I feel as though I have big changes happening in my life.
4.When I am focused on a goal, it is accomplished.
5.I am energized by working with others.
6.I am great at solving problems with innovative solutions.
7.Others think I am funny.
8.My friends come to me for a shoulder to cry on.
9.My friends and co-workers come to me for advice on their life.
10.Others seek my wisdom when they are needing consolation.
11.I want to make big changes in the world.
12.I believe in justice and find fairness to be of the highest importance in how we treat others.
13.I find joy in supporting others to heal themselves.
14.I am able to delegate and get support on projects or tasks.
15.I am overwhelmed with big decisions.
16.I have little problem stepping up to new challenges and changes.
17.There is no stopping me when I want something. I just go for it.
18.I find little difficulty in staying in the present moment.
19.I can effectively influence others’ opinions.
20.I am uncomfortable in tense situations.
21.I enjoy bringing new ideas to life.
22.I am spiritually grounded.
23.I feel like I have a lot of wisdom to share.
24.I believe I can be the change I want to see in the world.
25.I am quick to judge myself and others.
26.I believe I am a healer.
27.I like to lead when working with others.
28.I feel like I have more responsibility than I can handle.
29.I enjoy change.
30.I feel I do a good job at keeping myself safe or making boundaries with others.
31.I think connecting to others is more important than work deadlines.
32.I am a rule follower.
33.I try to lighten up situations to ease tension.
34.I tend to care-take my friends and/or spouse.
35.I become emotional or have mood swings.
36.I trust in the Universe so I don’t get my emotional feathers ruffled when things get rough.
37.I am willing to upset others to do what is right.
38.I trust my intuition to show me my path and make decisions.
39.I think it is our responsibility to help each other heal.
40.I communicate well with others.

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