Honoring Our Gifts: Past Relationships

One of the coolest aspects of the gifts I received from past relationships is the richness of my current one. Without going through everything I have been through in past relationships I would not be the same person I am today. I have so much to be grateful for! People come in and out of my life for a reason and even though a person may no longer be in my life doesn’t

Honoring Our Gifts: Tragic Experiences

This one is as tough for me to write as it is for you to comprehend. How can a tragic experience have a gift? A tragic experience typically involves the loss of something.

Honoring Our Gifts: Close Relationships

Early in this journey, we like to have some easier gifts to be thankful for and I think today you might find this one super-easy! Almost all of us have some type of close relationship. It may be a marriage or significant other, but it could also be with our kids or parents or friends. Feeling grateful for people who support us and love us can be

Episode 18: David Edelstein teaches us Mindful Communication

This week, we have a fantastic speaker and topic. Dave Edelstein speaks about what mindful communication is, how we can use it and how it can impact our relationships. David focuses on the quality of relationships and mindful communication is at the foundation of a solid connection. Can’t play it here? Listen to it on…