4 Reasons to Celebrate Your Wins

This is important!
All of you that want to skip to the next to-do – slow down already.
Take time to smell the new perspective, see new shades of blue in the sky, feel more ooey gooey feelings and bathe yourself in dance parties and high fives. Savor successes along the journey.  We can’t forget to celebrate our wins or it will all feel like challenges. That’s the difference between thriving and surviving

Love is just about staying open

TRIGGER. Now I did it, but I did have to ask why he wanted me to post it. “Because I want people to offer love if they choose. I can use the blessings. ” Huh. Later (after some rest), I thought about this. Why wouldn’t I post a picture, or at least a post so people know my condition when I am in bad health? 2 things: #1 WHAT OTHER …

God is Making a Way In Meditation: Rebecca Rockwood

Rebecca Rockwood is one of my favorite spiritual people. She ensures her work is open to all faiths, or even those without a specific faith. She’s able to help you connect to whatever is bigger than you and however you see your spiritual. So see ‘God’ and ‘Spirit’ in whatever sense that works for your beliefs. She’s amazing – you’ll love this.