Episode 7: Irfan Noorani shares the Wisdom of a Tribal Elder

Welcome back for another episode. Today’s podcast is just 18 minutes, so you have time to listen right now. Can’t hear it in the browser? Try it on Soundcloud. Irfan Noorani shares some unexpected wisdom he received from an elder that changed his life. It gave him a new perspective and outlook on life. Listen….

Stop Squashing the Joy that’s Present

I cried with joy last night. Let me explain because for me this is a big deal. Whenever I had joy when I was young, I was told not to get too attached because it wouldn’t last. Hard work is what brought dreams I was told. It turned out to be true too. So after…

How We Give Our Power Away

This past Sunday we had an inspiring conversation about how we give our power away and the keys to regaining your power back. What steals your power? Netflix? Time? Other people? Media? Circumstances? We talked about ways we know when we’re giving our power away. Phrases like ‘can’t’, ‘but’, ‘I will be happy when xx’…

How Netflix Sucks My Power

How do you give your power away? We all give it to something sometimes. This past Sunday we discussed many different ways we give up power. From saying ‘can’t’ to focusing on blame rather than power, we have all offered our power away to shirk responsibility or hide from the shame of making a mistake….