Success is the Result of Action & Attitude

Feel the fear & move on it anyway.

Analysis-Paralysis. If you’ve had it, you know. We deliberate over challenges and resolutions to try to find the perfect answer and in the end it makes no difference if we do not execute.

We need to plan to be successful for sure. Yet, sometimes we overthink it and get stuck looking at the mountain instead of the steps right in front of us. We can’t possibly plan for every ledge or every blockage in the pathway without knowing the data up-close.

So why do we hesitate? Why don’t we start where we are?

F.E.A.R. Fear of failure, success, being seen, vulnerability, or whatever our own particular story is.

We also confuse excitement with fear which is easy to do because both give a jolt to our cortisol levels. We KNOW there’s excitement because we really desire to be at the peak of that mountain. Something warm and fuzzy and exciting calls us there. That’s our inspiration and intuition – the good stuff.

Yet, the mountain is so big and the task so large that we put it off waiting for the perfect time, the perfect plan. Let me tell you the truth about this one – there is no perfect plan, just a perfect journey.


Start today. What is one step you can do to move forward – and strategy doesn’t count. Actually go do one of the steps you’ve already thought about. Whatever calls you is the right step. Then take another. It will get you farther than trying to plan 40 steps ahead.


In life, our attitude is all we really control. We can choose to be happy, inviting, loving, or compassionate even in the most scary or uncomfortable situations. Keeping a positive attitude and staying focused on what you want will help you enjoy the journey, not just survive it.

You can’t predict the perfect outcome, but you can adjust action and attitude to make the journey exciting, purposeful and transforming.

What steps can you take to move forward with something you want to change?

Need help? Schedule a free clarity call with me. We’ll look at your wants and get clear on what first steps you can take to get there.

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