Stories of Shift: The Art of Communication

To see her whole story, watch the Summit Recording (start at 3:29:00 for Angela’s story).

Something Ain’t Right

Angela was always a girl full of ingenuity and hard work. She felt these would be the basis of her success. What she experienced was much different as she got older. She worked hard in the non-profit sector and in her first job, but she was laid off because there was no funding left for her position.  So she went into another non-profit job and after about a year, it happened again.

Honing In and Honoring

She had to question why all of her hard work and ingenuity wasn’t creating success for her. So she started looking and seeking what was wrong and how she could fix it. She had to move back in with mom & dad and wasn’t thrilled to be dependent upon them (even if it was in Hawaii). She was struggling to figure out what was going to work well in her life.

I got it!

So as she was putting together some great examples of her work for the next position. As she was summing up her accomplishments, she started thinking “what if I explained the whole process of how I accomplished these things?” She’d always done all the regular things like personal thank you emails after the interview, so she decided to really develop some stories to bring the interviewer to relate and feel what she was saying. And she nailed it.

Fortitude through Fear

When she started the job she was hired for after all her stories, she had seen the power of the story really come to fruition. But soon, at work, she found herself going back to hard work and ingenuity. She found she was struggling again and when she went to her inner wisdom, she realized that story-telling could be more than just for a job interview. So she started telling stories to clients, prospects and even co-workers. Soon everyone wanted to chat with Angela and she found sales cycles moving faster.


For Angela, hard work and ingenuity is still important no doubt about that, but she also knows that the story is what makes all the work and genius relateable and interesting for other people. It’s a tool for communication, clarity and connection. To hear all the juicy details, watch the entire shift (start at 3:29:00 for Angela’s story) angela

About Angela:

10922842_10152603554503240_6520900243250028457_nOnce upon a time there was a girl who was loved but lived in a trailer park. She knew that someday she was supposed to give her gifts to a world that was rich, but not satisfied. Her body was broken by palsy, and a little crooked, and her parents couldn’t afford braces for her teeth. But because she was loved, she made it her mission to teach, to expand, to heal and to return love. Angela Meer story tells from a place of vulnerability, a place of joy, a place of death resulting in hope. Her work has appeared with MTV News, the Associated Press and has been tweeted on the New York Times Square billboard. She is the author of “Storytelling for Creative Entrepreneurs” and jokes that she is a wine-drinking, storytelling missionary to the masses. O and just last week she submitted her thesis for a Master’s Degree in Writing. Angela lives in rural southern Oregon where she writes, teaches and wrestles with cats. Her husband feeds her coffee and props her eyelids open so they can engage with the outside world and be social…sometimes. She recently published her second book on Amazon: Storytelling for Creative Entrepreneurs.  ]]>

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