Stories of Shift: Knowing When to Move On

Something ain’t right: Mark had spent 10 years building the Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago. It grew from a few people to a center for thousands. This was a dream of his and it had manifested after years of hard work. Suddenly, something didn’t feel quite right to Mark. He was living his dream, but it didn’t feel that way.

Honing In and Honoring:

Mark had to hone in to figure out what wasn’t quite right. He had to question all the truths he had made about himself and see what wasn’t fitting any longer.


This is no longer my path. Journeys change and sometimes paths are only meant to lead us as far as the next turn. He realized that just because this was a dream, dream can change and his had. He didn’t have a set plan for what was next, but he knew it was time to leave.

Fortitude through fear

It’s hard for anyone to walk away from a dream, even if they were only meant to construct it and walk away. Not only that, it’s often very familiar and comfortable to be where we are. Mark pushed aside those fears and picked up his life and followed his gut. He moved across the country and now spends time figuring out what he wants to do next and staying really curious to life. He committed to the change in order to find his own curiosity in life.


Mark has recreated his ideas of what success looks like and feels like. He knows that being dedicated to something for a long time doesn’t necessarily mean you can never release the responsibility of it. We are not a slave to our dreams. He remains curious and passionate about following all the leads to his next adventures and relieved to have been able to make the transitions to bring him to where he is today.

About Mark:

Currently Mark Anthony is working as a spiritual counselor/coach.  He knows how to see a dream, believe in it, and create it.  He loves helping others find and build theirs!  If you want to know more email him:]]>

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