Stories of Shift: Keeping Close What is Important

Something ain’t right Jenn was working full-time, doing her own business on the side and raising her family. She participated and volunteered in the kids school activities, which seemed to take a lot of her time. She felt exhausted and even resentful. She also felt like the quality of her work was suffering. Something had to change.

Connection to self:

Jenn realized when she started becoming ill and often wanted to be doing the things she wasn’t doing – like spending time with family and friends – that she wasn’t doing a very good job of doing everything. She needed to connect to what was most important to her life.


I can say yes to what’s most important to me. Sometimes no is a healthier (and happier) option.
The other things can wait, or be someone else’s import piece to work on. We discussed how she makes decisions around what’s on her plate. She asks herself if it’s something she would do and if it’s inspiring to her. She asks from her true knowing, her gut and follows her intuition.


She still has to tune in when she gets asked to volunteer or take on new projects. She now uses her intuition and gut to decide what she takes on and what she doesn’t. She has to really define what’s important for her now at this moment knowing she can always come back to these opportunities later.


Jenn has returned to really enjoying what she is doing every day. She knows that it’s her responsibility to choose what she does and live with the outcome. She stays aware of how she can ‘should’ herself versus what is really important to her. Tune in and check out the whole conversation. jenndanielson

headshot (1)About Jenn:

Jenn Danielson is a Reiki Master and coach who blends science & spreadsheets with incense & energy so you can generate connected change. Check out her website. Grab free and fast mindset tools Jenn is offering here.]]>

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