Stories of Shift: Dreams Evolve

This short wrap-up does very little to explain the ups and downs of Lindsay’s experience, so watch the entire interview here to really feel her shift.

Something ain’t right

Lindsay knew for many years that she had this dream of a space for young people that was safe and healing. She wanted a space that was not school or home or their regular locations so that this space would be special. She wanted kids to walk into the door of a sanctuary where they could be creative, mix with peers and be safe. When she survived the Minneapolis bridge collapse in 2007, she knew the years she had been preparing to be an Executive Director one day, needed to be put into play now. She felt she survived for something and it was time to make an impact. For years she put the blood, sweat and tears into her organization running everything from financial and funding to unclogging the toilet and cleaning up each night. She felt if she could just hang in, there’d be a paid position finally and she would be able to work for the organization instead of running it on top of another job. In 2015, she began to rethink her intention to be the Executive Director of the organization. Despite all of the hard work she had put into to its start-up, she wasn’t sure it was the role she really wanted.


Lindsay spent some time connecting to her spirit and asking herself what she really wanted. She’d worked really hard, studied and successfully grew this non-profit just as she had dreamed so this could be her full-time passion, but now she wasn’t so sure what she wanted. She had to really consider if all that she had been doing is what she wanted to do permanently. Beyond that, her position would be tied to how well the organization on a whole, not just her position so it might create more stress for her.


Lindsay felt a little confused but then she realized:
My dreams are allowed to change.

-Lindsay Walz

She wanted more than what the position entailed. She was capable of doing it after years of studying, researching and implementing. She’d done exactly what she originally intended: create a safe, healing space for young people. She just didn’t want the role. So she shifted to serving on the board of directors and spends her time volunteering for the things she really enjoys doing.

A-ha in Action & Challenges

It’s difficult to change a dream once the goal is so close, but Lindsay also needed to know what was best for her future. She’s now out to help others with dreams like hers to get their soulful ideas off the ground and make an impact on the world. She’s had to let go a little of an older dream and her old goals in order to create new space for new ideas. This might seem like a small feat, but letting go of something we’ve been focused on for so long can completely throw off our perspective. She had to rethink what her goals were and what she now wanted and make choices for those things.

Embracing Shift

Lindsay welcomes shift. She understands the importance of staying open, even if it goes against what she really thought she wanted. She’s happy now with new challenges, ideas and opportunities. See the full Blab for all the juicy shift details. lindsayblab

About Lindsay:

Lindsay is a resilient soul. She takes what happens to her (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and uses it to fuel personal growth and transformation, not only for herself but for others. She is a resilience coach and consultant and the founder of a blossoming nonprofit in Minneapolis called courageous heARTS. See Lindsay’s website: Give her some love on Facebook: or join her private Facebook group, The Resilient Soul Sanctuary, for tips, live calls and more: Learn more about the non-profit she founded here:]]>

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