Stories of Shift: Confidence and Worth

Something ain’t right Barbara knew that she’s always had a deep need to be accepted. She had low self-esteem most of her life because of messages she got as she was younger about her weight and her skin. Then she found herself in a bad relationship because she needed approval and acceptance from someone else.


For a while she knew she had to leave and friends and family would tell her to leave her boyfriend but she didn’t see a way out. Her confidence sank even lower. It was happening inside her, but she needed that a-ha in order to really move forward.


One night, Barbara had a end-all fight with her boyfriend. It was a knock-down drag out that helped Barbara see that she had to leave. She’d gotten to the point that she just didn’t want to take any more.
Is this really what I want?
Don’t give the answer out of fear, give it out of your uncensored version of what you want.

A-ha in action

The a-ha in action meant leaving her boyfriend, moving to a new area and getting a whole new career.


Like many of us, Barbara’s family thought she was a little crazy at first. She was trying new things that were improving her confidence and her possibilities. Barbara learned She kept the mantra around. “I am capable.”

Embracing Shift

Barbara’s embraced so much shift that she actually coaches women now to their highest confidence and biggest dreams. Her life is nothing like it was before the shift because the confidence and power she now has would have no place in her old life. Read her guest post, How to Find Purpose Through Pure Love and Confidence here. See the full Blab for all the juicy shift details. barb

About Barbara:

IMG_9420 copyBarbara Iuliano is a certified life and confidence coach, currently studying Mind-Body Transformational Psychology at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. As the founder of her coaching practice Starland Coaching (, Barbara empowers women like herself to lead the lives they always dreamed of but never thought possible. She recently embarked on a mission to help female entrepreneurs get confident in front of the camera. In her new challenge, The Art of Video Confidence, she helps them bust through insecurities, deal with critics, and overcome perfectionism and procrastination.]]>

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  1. Sometimes “shift” is the biggest thing to accept and embrace! Once done though, there’s no looking back

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