Spread the Kindness

Inviting Shift is all about how we shift the world by shifting ourselves. One way we can shift our world and someone else’s is by offering a kindness or thank you to others for the impact they may not know they have on our life – whether it’s family, friends or acquaintances.

We’ve designed cards for you to send to people you know to cheer them up, give them encouragement or just let them know who they are mean something to you.

We’re also offering the chance to give back as a fundraiser. This month we will be offering a donation for every purchase to Woman Within International and The Mankind Project USA. These organizations offer space for women and men to understand, know, embrace and lead from their truths to make a better, more compassionate world for all.

How to send kindness:

Do it yourself.

Although you don’t need to purchase our cards to send a friend a thank you or kindness, we offer these designs for the rest of 2018 to make it easy. Buy a pack of 12 for $19.97 and we’ll donate $2 to our causes this month too.

Pack of Kindness/Thank you Cards

Beautifully designed cards with friendship quotes that you can send to let your friends know how much you think of them and how they impact your life. Spread the kindness!


Or we’ll be happy to send along your card for you!

No stamp or post office needed. We’ll add in your message and your name and pop it in the post for you!

After you purchase, we’ll send an email for you to complete the message and address you’d like it sent to.

Send a card for me! Design 1!

With this service, we will still donate $.50 per card and we’ll write your message, and pop it in the post so you don’t have to worry about all those extra steps and can still send some love and kindness through the mail.