Signature Talks


I love coming out and speaking to groups of people whether it’s small groups or large audiences. I’ve developed some signature talks and I’m always looking to spread the word while customizing the content for the specific audience. Contact me if you need a speaker for your group – virtual or in-person.

My Signature Talks

Many of my talks come with materials that people can work off of or take home to practice the skills they learn. They are designed for 90 minutes, but can accommodate shorter or longer time-frames.

A Different Strategy: Intuition Guided Goal-Setting

Ever set a bunch of goals, maybe you complete a lot of them on one project and then suddenly you think, “What am I even doing this for?” This happens to me when I am knee-deep and a challenge arises. I automatically can go to how to fix that problem without looking at the big picture. I will get lost in the details trying to fix a challenge or perfect something that doesn’t really contribute to the overall purpose. There is nothing I dislike more than wasted effort. It’s frustrating and today it’s so easy to become distracted from the main purpose.

In this training we will talk about the difference between the purpose and the goals. It’s important to understand so it takes a culmination of the best intuitive techniques to listen to your inner voice and hands-on, practical goal building to help you achieve the goals that speak to who you are, not just where you are now.

Defining our Own Perfect Integrative Health

Integrative is a fancy term defined as: to bring together or incorporate (parts) into a whole.

When it comes to health there is much more than food, water and movement. Integrative health means that we mindfully produce health by addressing all the challenges in our lives including career, relationships, creativity and more.

First we will discuss how we define and describe our own best health and then we will talk about ways to get there. Whether your health is suffering from stress, depression or general disconnect, we will connect some of the dots in this session so you can move forward living the radiant, energized life you deserve.

Getting Past Stuck

You know that saying “I changed because I hit rock bottom?” Wouldn’t it be great if we made the change before we hit rock bottom? Let’s talk about the stages of change and where we are in them with certain challenges. Let’s see if we can catch ourselves while still falling, rather than picking up the pieces later.

Use the five natural stages of change to accelerate and empower you to move through your current challenges to the life you really want to live. Whether you are losing weight, making career changes, oiling better relationships, building more confidence or whatever you need this year – this session will help you see past the current into the possible.

Goal Setting for the Personally Disorganized

If you are a creative type or even a practical type that just hasn’t been able to get success in personal goals even though you may master them in your career, this session is for you.

In this session we will talk about SMART goals along with pieces of other goal-planning techniques and learn to apply them to your personal goals whether that is weight loss, more energy, more confidence or more creativity. The goal does not matter in this easy to follow format that will give you practical hands-on tasks to get to your goals.

Manifesting your inner queen – Or fierce, inner sovereign

Get your power back, your highness with practical Exercises for empowering your inner sovereign.

Stressed, depressed or just feeling blah? Join me for an entertaining talk to lift your spirits while keying you into the 10 secrets of becoming the royal sovereign in your own life. We will discuss practical exercises for your to:

• Re-imagine how you design your day
• Learn to prioritize more effectively to enjoy your life more
• Discover the true inspiration under your motivations
• Empower yourself to create balance between needs and desires
• Live a life in line with your underlying purpose and meaning
• Move past challenges with grace

Embrace your inner queen with this talk.

Mindful Health

In this overview, we discuss the fundamental habits to natural balance integrative health. Food and movement are just the beginning. Whether you are beginning your journey to health or wondering why diet and movement aren’t cutting it, this session will help you understand all the factors that affect your health and how you can transform your health by getting to the areas of your life that is unbalanced.

We will also talk about professional techniques in changing our habits and mindset to best set ourselves up for success. Tapping, mindfulness and symbiotic habits and more will all be touched upon.

Self-Care: Putting Me First

Self-care is about being able to love, give and serve from a full tank. You do it better when you feel relaxed, present and confident – we all do. We live in a busy world and we often forget how important it is to care for ourselves until we get sick, start acting in ways we are ashamed of or someone encourages us. I am encouraging you now.

Schedule this talk if you want to:

• Make confident decisions intuitively
• Feel more powerful in your life
• Create boundaries to protect your health
• Fall in love with yourself
• Find time to take better care of yourself in your busy day
• Hack into a happier daily life
• Become more mindful and present to each moment

This is fun-packed with a workbook to help guide you and keep your thoughts.

Stress: A Plague in Our Culture

There may well be hundreds of diseases that are linked to stress or are triggered by stress, yet so many of us maximize the stress in our lives and wonder why we have trouble losing weight, suffer constant fatigue and deal with chronic illnesses.

Learn how stress is affecting your health, how to recognize stress in your body and most importantly, how to manage and reduce the stress that you carry around. It is possible to change our cortisol reactions, this session will help you find ways to do that.

Workbook with stress beating tips and exercises will be provided.

Time: The Big Lie We Tell

I will take care of myself when I have time. I hear this all the time. The truth about not having enough time is this: We will make time when it is a priority. When I started visiting the ER regularly with serious digestive issues, eating better and reducing stress became a priority. Don’t wait for the ER though, come to this session to prevent those diseases.

In this session we will discuss how we get our time back so we can do more of the things that make us happy and healthy whether that is more me time, more home cooking, being more creative or just having quality time with the family. There is time to do what you want to do. We’ll walk through practical exercises to find it.

A workbook with several time-finding exercises is included.

Top 20 tips on Eating Healthy for the Busy Person

Cooking isn’t always an option today with the number of roles and responsibilities we take on. Even with our best efforts, sometimes we have to find another way to get healthy food in our diets.

We dive in to a short overview of real food and then move the thick of the teaching to discuss how to eat well when traveling, going out to eat, quick snacking, feeding the kids or snacks to have on the go. We’ll even discuss a few hotel room tricks to getting a healthier, low-cost meal.

Workbook will be provided.

Why diets ultimately fail and what to do about it

There is nothing more frustrating to my clients than yo-yo dieting. It’s easy to understand the many ways this happens. Maybe you tried every diet under the sun and nothing seems to last long-term even if it has temporary benefits or you just find the restrictions too difficult to maintain.

Eating healthy to lose weight shouldn’t be a struggle. We shouldn’t be focused on counting calories as much as counting nutrition and finding the sources of our cravings. Let’s kick diets to the curb and learn to use our bodies as a guide to great nutrition and a lifestyle that focuses on health and energy. Weight loss becomes a symptom of balanced health, just as weight gain is usually a symptom of unbalanced health.

Let’s talk about real food, being satisfied and quitting the weight roller-coaster.