(Selfishly) Spread Love Everywhere

With technology devices so prevalent now, I wonder if kids will grow up without passing notes in class, creating cards or even hand-writing a letter. I suppose every generation feels some loss of tradition and this is probably ours, but this is a big one for so many reasons… at least to me.

Lack of personal contact.

Although letters and cards are often mailed, there’s an authentic feeling that the person touched that paper and wrote on it with their hand. It’s sincere and took a bit of effort. Today the information is translated to 1s and 0s and moved through cyberspace. It just doesn’t feel the same

Artifact of love.

Who doesn’t love a token of love they can take with them? I still have some valentines, letters and cards that were given to me over the years. Someone took time to craft it just for me. No copy and paste.

What I treasure even more is when I get a card or letter for no reason. It’s not my birthday or a big day, just someone sharing love. These are acts of love to me and often show up when I most need them. When I am in the dumps, creating cards or writing letters helps me raise my compassion and love for others and myself. Do yourself a favor, especially when you’re feeling low, by offering authentic connection by crafting a card or a letter to someone you love – mother, friend, sister, spouse, child – whoever you want to express your love and gratitude for.

Want to expand your reach? Of course you do.

Don’t stop at those you know, offer a token of gratitude and kindness to someone you don’t know.  When we offer eye contact and a token of kindness to people we don’t know we are modeling a community of love, a give and take of humanity as a whole.

Participate in the #ArmyofLovers this Valentine’s Day.

Each year for the last couple years, I’ve been participating in the #ArmyofLovers. All that is required is that you create one valentine and give it to a stranger. You can do as many as you like and spread as much love as you like, but only one and you’re part of the tribe. In fact, my friend Erika Anderson, founder of the #ArmyofLovers, will even send you the valentine to give at no cost.  Check out the Army here. It’s simple and it may just change someone’s day – very likely yours. Doing acts of kindness for strangers is a great way to raise your own happiness. It’s self-care and I’m not afraid to admit I participate for selfish reasons. When I give kindness it comes back to me tenfold and I love to see that surprised happy look on people’s faces. Join us and spread the love.]]>

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  1. Never even crossed my mind, great idea though and bound to bring a smile to someones face!

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