Self-Love September: 30 Days of Self-Love

Commit to what makes you feel good.

It’s my birthday month! I’ve thought and thought about what I can do to celebrate, who would celebrate with me and what I really, really want. Here it is:


It’s something most of us don’t do enough of — or at least consistently enough. We might plan a trip once a year, but we sacrifice the everyday for that vacation, or for that one scheduled date night. Loving on yourself is an everyday act. So that’s my challenge… to find enough respect and care for yourself to do something EVERY DAY of September to celebrate.

For 30 days you can do anything that creates self-love or brings you joy in a way that serves you.

BONUS: For the last 10 days, I will offer rituals and exercises you can fall in love with you even more. Starting on September 20 through September 30 on Facebook!

On my birthday, September 27, we’ll also host a Live Event. It will be an Archetype Circle! We’ll talk about the core archetypes of self-love and how we embrace them more to be our best selves and feel good about ourselves every day.

Want in on the Live event on September 27? It’s free but you must sign up for the link. Sign up here.

What constitutes Self-love?

I crave variety, so I will probably be doing something different every day. If you want to start a new habit or a new practice, feel free to do the same thing everyday… but here are the rules (Because I know our brains are sneaky and will try to make us multi-task or convince ourselves self-care is checking off a list – it’s not).

#1 Whatever you do cannot be in line with something you want to check off a list. This is not about productivity. This about being in the moment caring for yourself.

#2 Although you can include others in your self-care action, they cannot be the reason you are doing it. If hanging out with friends is loving on yourself great. If they want to hang at a bar and you don’t like bars – that’s not self care.

#3 Be Present with what you are doing and really engage with what you are doing. If you are enjoying a hot bath, thinking about tomorrow’s presentation or what you are going to cook for dinner is not self-care.

#4 Every day for at least 15 minutes. I know we are busy and dang it, there are times we just don’t feel like doing the thing we know is good for us. Sit for 15 minutes and try. You might find you want to extend the time or you might find just 15 minutes makes an impact.

Bonus: Check in with us daily! We’ll be listing each day and you are welcome to check in with what you are doing, questions, sharing and support for others! Join us on the Inviting Shift Facebook Group.


What are some of the things you can do – Or some of the things I plan on doing:

  • Write yourself a love letter (great idea from Angelique!)
  • Use your creativity (paint, play music, draw, write, etc.)
  • Take a hot bath
  • Plan a special dinner just for you
  • Meditate
  • Rituals to bring more connection in
  • Eat, Pray, Love the month away (Eat well for 10 days, connect to spirit for 10 days, then love yourself for 10 days)

Don’t forget: The last ten days of the month, I plan on hosting a 10 self-care-a-thon with some activities to do each day to get to know who you are better and love that person more.

We’ll also have that live event on September 27. 

Special Small Group Event (1)Since it will be a confidential circle, it won’t be recorded so you’ll want to be there. Each time will be limited to 12, so sign up if you want to reserve your spot.

What we’ll cover on that event:

  • The core archetypes of self-love
  • How each can help us with confidence, authenticity and self-care
  • Exercises to call up the archetype we need
  • Everyone will have a chance to be heard (or not – your choice)
  • Share your questions or concerns about archetypes, self-love, or whatever else you need support with

Sign up.

(I might release a second circle if the first fills up quickly at another time, so email me if you are interested and cannot commit to the time of the current event.)

How are you going to love yourself today?

Celebrate you. Slow down. Dream.

Blessings to you.

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