S2 Episode 8: Navigating Difficult Conversations and Care for Your Aging Parents with Mary Remmes

Are you feeling sandwiched between the responsibilities of child-rearing and elder care? You're not alone! Listen in as we welcome our special guest, Mary Remmes, a seasoned nursing home administrator and life coach. Mary captivates us with her wealth of knowledge on handling the complexities of health care for the elderly.

With Mary's empathetic insights, we delve into how to listen to and understand our parents’ needs and goals. We tackle the hard but necessary conversations without making our parents feel defensive. Mary's strategies on how to approach these conversations with compassion and understanding are invaluable. She offers advice on how to gather information, initiate small dialogues and respect that our parents' life goals may differ from ours.

Finally, we broach the topic of those tough conversations with our parents. Mary shares her expertise on handling our parents' fear of the unknown and how to avoid rushed decisions. She emphasizes the importance of evaluating the situation objectively and respecting our parents' wishes, even if they make us uncomfortable. Ensuring a safe environment that doesn't compromise their independence and dignity is paramount. You'll come away with actionable advice for balancing your relationship with your aging parents while ensuring their needs are met. So, join us for this enlightening and much-needed perspective on caring for our beloved seniors.

Mary Remmes is a certified Life Coach & Aging Parent guide.

She leverages her years of experience as a licensed nursing home administrator with her skill as a life coach to help adult children navigate the ever-changing landscape of life with an aging parent.

Her own mother suffered from dementia & Mary, along with her 4 siblings, experienced the myriad of circumstances and emotions that come with caring for an aging parent in decline & in need of care.

As your life coach, she will help you create more of what you want in your life with an aging parent.

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