Season 2 – Episode 6: Understanding Your Body’s Signals Through Perimenopause with Melissa Ayres

Ever felt overwhelmed dealing with the discomforts of perimenopause or menopause? Is it possible that your body is communicating with you through these symptoms? How can natural remedies and the balance of masculine and feminine energies aid in this journey? Melissa Ayres, an expert menopause coach, homeopath, and theta healing practitioner holding over 15 years of experience, graces our podcast today to explore these engrossing topics.

Melissa Ayres guides us through her personal journey, opening up about how she managed her perimenopausal symptoms that began when she was 47. She outlines her experience using natural remedies and delves into the connection between physical and emotional discomforts. Melissa, with her wealth of knowledge in homeopathy and theta healing, helps us understand how our bodies communicate and heal through symptoms. She further explains how theta healing can be harnessed to manage hormonal imbalances, release deeply held emotional issues, and relieve the effects of childhood traumas.

The discussion transitions to the fascinating world of balancing masculine and feminine energies and the importance of acknowledging our feminine wisdom. Melissa wraps up by offering her insights on managing perimenopause and menopause naturally, shedding light on the crucial practice of hormone tracking. She offers her free masterclass to those interested in embracing this essential transition in life. Join us as we unravel a new perspective on navigating perimenopause and menopause.

ABOUT Melissa:

Melissa is a Menopause Coach, Homeopath and Theta Healing Practitioner with over 15 years of experience of working in natural health care. After healing her own perimenopausal symptoms naturally, Melissa developed the 'Menopause Revolution Programme' where she supports women by combining all of her knowledge and wisdom in managing hormonal symptoms naturally, with powerful intuitive healing to provide the emotional support required at this important life stage.

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