S2 Episode 23: Who Am I Now: Embracing the Midlife Transition

Welcome shifters! Are you ready to face the question we've all been dodging: Who am I now? In the throes of midlife, with our children growing up, careers morphing, and a sudden abundance of free time, let's confront this new stage head-on. No more hiding in the comfort zone! In this episode, we'll seek answers, guided by our values, gifts, and desires. Armed with easy strategies, you'll uncover who you are beyond the roles you've known so far. It's time to embark on this incredible journey of self-discovery and redefine your identity.

In an empowering session, we'll unlock your unique gifts and cravings, aligning them to form your life's vision. Beyond the labels of mother, grandmother, sister, or daughter, you'll explore your true essence and what truly sets your soul on fire. The intentional and aligned approach will be our compass, leading us to pin down our intentions and align our choices with what we desire. The question is no longer 'Who am I now?' but 'Who do I want to become?' Let's delve into the world of possibilities and embrace this new phase with open arms and hearts. Embrace the transformation, shifters! It's time to reveal your true essence.

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