S2 Episode 2: Discovering Joy in Midlife Career Changes with Genea Barnes

Ever feel like your career ladder has turned into a hamster wheel?

What if you could turn that feeling of dread into anticipation and excitement? That's exactly what we'll uncover with our esteemed guest, level-up coach Jenae Barnes. Specializing in helping individuals navigate midlife career transitions, Genea is a beacon of wisdom for those considering a leap into entrepreneurship.

We kick-start our conversation by exploring the pivotal signs indicating it's time for a change. You'll get to understand how our survival instinct often pushes us towards growth, and yet, how complacency can lead to unhappiness. As we plunge deeper into the dialogue, we grapple with the fear of leaving behind prestige, money, and time investments for uncharted territories. Genea introduces us to the process of identifying our true passions and skills, and the importance of resilience during this transformative journey.

Transitioning isn't just about the change, it's about finding purpose and clarity. That's why we dedicate ample time to discovering what brings joy and fulfillment. You'll learn strategies to transition your brain from 'prevent and protect' mode to a stage of creativity and problem-solving. We wrap up with useful tips on creating a vision for your future and broadening your problem-solving perspective. Get ready for an honest, transformative conversation on personal growth and career fulfillment with Genea Barnes. Tune in, this could be the start of your best career move yet!

ABOUT Genea Barnes

Genea Barnes teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs to be more efficient and profitable in their businesses by helping them streamline their workload, time, and decision-making.

Her custom state-of-the-art system, which she used to save her own business from financial ruin, is based on 20 years of experience, study, and training with leading experts.

Genea has helped hundreds of people take their businesses and lives to the next level giving them time freedom, healthy live-work balance, and financial breakthroughs. She believes that when you feel good about who you are and what you do, you evolve humanity.


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