S2 Episode 18: Breaking Barriers: Permission to Create Self-Defined Success

Have you ever felt a yearning to stray from the path society has laid out for you? Do you feel a need to redefine your life on your own terms? Our guest today, Trang Nova, knows exactly what that feels like. He bravely ventured off the beaten path, experiencing a quarter-life crisis, leaving his norm, and making the bold decision to start his own business and live life on his terms. Follow us as we unpack his inspiring journey and discover the power of embracing change and growth.

As we traverse the landscape of Trang's life, we uncover how societal norms can box us in, dimming our ability to see the multitude of choices within our reach. Trang's story demonstrates the dissatisfaction that can arise from following these expected paths and the awakening realization that we may not be living our true lives. Tune in as we navigate this complex world of societal expectations and learn how to break free and steer toward the life we truly desire.

Transitioning towards the close of our conversation, we venture into Trang's career switch. We discuss the importance of not letting our past anchor us but using it as a springboard toward our future. He emphasizes that changing course is not a waste of time, but a valuable opportunity to apply past knowledge to new pursuits. The focus shifts to the invaluable power of seeking support during such transitions and the importance of granting ourselves the freedom to take risks and carve our own life paths. Listen in and embolden your journey towards breaking barriers and achieving success.

ABOUT Trang:
Trang Nova is a mentor and speaker for women who are hungry to pivot careers and build their dream business, so they can live out their potential and purpose with freedom and fulfillment.

In her mid-20s, Trang experienced a quarter-life crisis that led her to leave the sports industry so she could help women not just as athletes, but as human beings.

Now, Trang is determined to help others step into their greatest power and thrive in their lives of impact. Ultimately, she believes that when enough individuals are thriving, then humanity will thrive. And when humanity thrives, then the world can thrive for all forms of life and future generations.

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