S2 Episode 17: Harnessing Strength and Resilience through the Crone Archetype

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to bounce back from life's hardships with grace and strength, while others get bogged down? That's the power of resilience, and we're breaking it down for you in this enlightening discussion. Resilience, contrary to common belief, isn't about numbing yourself to feelings or submitting to life's ups and downs. It's about deeply feeling, genuinely caring, and taking control of what you can. It's about not allowing emotions to hijack your actions and words and being able to bounce back without getting embroiled in difficult emotions.

As we unfold the wisdom of resilience, we also embrace the Crone archetype, an empowering retreat when discomfort strikes. Stepping into the crone archetype isn't about retreating into weakness, but about stepping into a resilient, empowered energy. We explore how embracing this archetype and harnessing resilience can lead to transformation. Our most challenging experiences can be our greatest teachers, fostering compassion, wisdom, and empathy within us. Join us as we guide you through exercises to connect with your Wise Woman Energy and channel the crone archetype to journey beyond our wounds and into our power. Embrace discomfort, harness resilience, and connect with your inner Wise Woman.

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