S2 Episode 16: Building Confidence in Career Transitions

Have you ever found yourself yearning for a career transition but holding back due to fear of the unknown? Or are you frustrated with the Generation X stereotype of sticking to one job for decades? Urvina and Anjali from UKAN Coaching are in the studio to share their insightful journey from corporate jobs to founding their own coaching business. They expose the challenges Generation X faces and highlight the importance of tuning into your body’s signals for a more fulfilling career path.

Navigating a career transition is never easy. It requires a clear understanding of what you want and what you don't want careful planning, and honest financial discussions. Urvina and Anjali break down these steps, sharing critical strategies that eased their career transitions. They emphasize the importance of using past experiences as a stepping stone and having a clear understanding of the potential benefits to smooth the transition path.

Imposter syndrome is a widespread phenomenon, especially during career transitions. Irvina and Anjali tackle this head-on, sharing tips on building confidence and celebrating every victory, big or small. They further explore gaining clarity in objectives, leveraging skills and strengths to your advantage, and reflection to identify talents and capabilities. If a career transition is on your horizon, or if you’ve already embarked on this journey, this enlightening conversation with Urvina and Anjali is a must-listen.

About Urvina & Anjali & UKAN Coaching:
Urvina & Anjali are co-founders of UKAN Coaching specializing in aligning mid-professional women to careers they want and enjoy with confidence.

Urvina has worked for 27+ years within the National Health Service as a Therapeutic Radiographer of which 15+ years was as a Clinical Learning Facilitator working with students and staff towards their career and personal development.

Anjali has worked in financial services for 15+ years spending the majority of her time training, developing, mentoring, and coaching teams whilst navigating organization structures and culture to enhance her own career.

Their approach is based on their personal journey and experiences within their respective careers, using their own systems to transform careers from stagnation to ascension.

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