S2 Episode 14: Unraveling the Mystery of Anxiety: A Transformation Journey with Savannah Blake

Ever felt trapped by the invisible grips of anxiety? Meet Savannah Blake, a yoga and meditation teacher who turned her 23-year struggle with anxiety into an empowering journey of self-discovery. Savannah, once rendered mute by her anxiety, unraveled that her panic attacks weren't solely because of social situations but also due to unexpected health issues and food allergies. Join us as Savannah narrates her transformation story, a mesmerizing tale of evolution from hiding behind screens to basking in the glow of newfound freedom.

Recall those sleepless nights spent worrying about things that never happened? Or those uneasy feelings in the pit of your stomach before a big event? That's anxiety for you, and it comes in various forms - postpartum, trauma-based, food-related, and more. In our riveting conversation, Savannah sheds light on the importance of recognizing the type of anxiety you're dealing with. From self-awareness and acceptance to reaching out to the right people, we discuss a range of strategies that help keep anxiety at bay.

Have you ever wondered if you could manage your anxiety with just deep breathing or a simple walk? Savannah walks us through some practical tips for dealing with anxiety. She also shares her wisdom on using methods like yoga, meditation, and essential oils for self-healing. The importance of understanding your body, treating yourself with compassion, and being present cannot be understated. So, tune in to our episode and let Savannah’s inspiring journey guide you towards a peaceful state of mind.

ABOUT Savannah:

Savannah Shea Blake is a Yoga & Meditation Teacher and podcast host of Align, Vibe, Flow. She spent her first 23 years of life unable to speak due to crippling fear and anxiety.

Now, by guiding others through the chakra system, she helps them overcome the emotional and mindset obstructions brought on by society and culture that have held them back from being their true vibrant, and confident selves.

Through healing the individual, we heal the world.

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