S2 Episode 10: The Art of Self-Love: A Roundtable

Ready to embrace a whole new level of self-love? Join us as we delve into every facet of self-love with our esteemed guests Julie Hunt, Emma Bradford, and Sarah Marr. Each of them brings a unique perspective to this vast topic, engaging in a profound conversation on the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects of self-love. From finding tenderness within ourselves to using language to foster self-love, this episode is all about celebrating our individual journeys rather than chasing a specific goal.


Emma Bradford:
Emma Bradford, with 11 years of experience has been supporting clients worldwide in falling back in love with themselves and life. Artist, NLP Trainer, and Founder of Creating Change: The Art of Connection, Expansion & Celebration an exploratory training to reconnect to the authentic self within through creative means.


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Julie Hunt
Julie is a certified Chopra Global Ayurvedic health and meditation instructor and a Chopra coach. She authored Shout from the Rooftops in Your Stilettos and continues to teach meditation, mindfulness, and manifestation techniques to help you harness the boundless realm of infinite possibilities. You can find her guided meditations and wellness insights on her YouTube channel.

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Sarah Maurer
Sarah Maurer is a certified life coach, hypnotist, and breathworker based in Denver, Colorado. She loves creating healing journeys that help people change their lives through deep relaxation, meditation, music, and self-exploration. Her signature program Healing Deep Dive is a six-month experience designed to help clients release old patterns and step into who they really want to be. Catch up with Sarah on Instagram (@missadventurepants), on her podcast Climb Your Mountain, and in her Meetup Denver Breathwork Collective.

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