S2 Episode 20: Mastering the Art of Midlife Relationship Changes

When relationships shift and evolve during our midlife years, how do we gracefully navigate these changes? That's the question Maryam Solhjou, a resilience and midlife coach, helps us tackle in this episode. Drawing from her deep experience, she guides us to understand that acknowledging the natural progress in our relationships can bring about tranquility and reduce stress. We explore the significance of identifying and managing our emotions during these transitions, and how these changes can often resurrect past hurts, opening an avenue for personal growth and healing.

We then move on to the art of asserting our needs in relationships and taking command of our emotions rather than trying to control the other person. By recognizing what triggers us, we can better manage relationship shifts. The power of setting boundaries also comes into play here, showing us that personal growth can significantly impact our friendships. We further delve into how acknowledging and respecting our diverse backgrounds can prevent conflicts and misunderstandings.

In the concluding part of our discussion, we emphasize the strength of female friendships and the importance of nurturing and developing new connections. We share practical advice on finding like-minded groups using platforms like Meetup and Nextdoor, and how volunteering can broaden our social circles. The golden thread running through this conversation is the imperative of actively creating opportunities for new friendships rather than merely waiting for them to occur. Tune in and learn to navigate the changing dynamics of midlife relationships with resilience and grace.

ABOUT Maryam:
Maryam is a resilience + midlife coach. She's been married for about 35 years, with two adult children and one pup who keeps her on her toes. She has a masters in Org Psy, with a research background in positive psychology and women's psychology. She's struggled (and grown) from navigating midlife's new variables, and she works with her clients to do the same.

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