Remembering to celebrate and enjoy

What do you do when survival is over or you get ‘there’? Do you honor it with grace and celebration or do you move quickly to another goal without taking the time to be humble and grateful for your success? We can apply this to big dreams like a degree or finding your soulmate, or to everyday things like enjoying the sunny days by honoring them with intention and gratitude. backyardI am reminded today to take time to really enjoy and thrive because the sun is shining, the temperature is perfect and I have the freedom to enjoy it. This is thriving after a long, long, cold winter cooped up in the house and working my butt off. I make the choice to take time to enjoy it now, but it wasn’t always this way. Ten years ago I would have complained about the winter and then when the sun came out, I’d make a million other reasons I couldn’t enjoy the gift of spring. I was too busy, it’s going to rain on my day off, I have to stay focused on my new project and on and on.

The truth is, we can make time for anything we choose to.

Today, I choose sunshine, love and gratitude. Yes, I have a pile of projects I am working on and I could stay focused on the goal, but I’m choosing making time to honor the gifts offered to me — and today that is the sunshine. The work will get done at my creative, abundant pace because I am enjoying my creative, abundant life and that will guide my work when I return to it. We have to remember to consciously and intentionally enjoy the awesomeness of the journey, not just momentary goals. It’s what makes the other, not-so-awesome days worthwhile. What’s the Universe offering you today? What is thriving in your life? Take a moment to treasure it. Having trouble finding what’s thriving in your life? Don’t get disheartened. I’m working on a free mini-course on getting our power and thriving spirit on. It’s coming. P.S.S. If you can’t wait, don’t. Let’s talk now. Email me at and let’s set up a quick chat to see if we can get you some clarity.]]>

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