Practical Techniques to Reconnecting with Your Inner Wisdom – Dave Mueller

Topic: Practical Techniques to Reconnecting with Your Inner Wisdom

davefinalSpeaker: Dave Mueller

What you’ll learn:

  • How we disconnect from our inner wisdom
  • Understanding what is inner wisdom versus what isn’t inner wisdom.
  • Techniques to listening to your inner wisdom
  • How you will embrace your inner wisdom in mission

About: David is a certified hypnotherapist who has been perfecting his technique for over three decades. He uses hypnosis in a variety of ways from losing weight to improving performance.

Links:  Website


Prize: A one-on-one session with Dave!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. aran says:

    looking forward to using these techniques…..thank you Dave

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  2. I like the going somewhere new to follow my intuition – I was literally talking to someone last night about how horrible I am about just driving and finding my way around, and how once all I had to do was turn around and get back onto a major highway and got lost. And yet, as my husband reminds me, I actually do have a good sense of direction when I don’t doubt myself, so with my ego and wounds and self doubts aside I am listening to my intuition. First time I’ve ever made that correlation, thanks!


  3. Cyndee Davis says:

    Thank you! Getting in touch with the feelings and knowing what they are trying to tell me is so difficult and I know that at times I have chosen to not pay attention and that doesn’t work out well for me of course. I really appreciated this session. I need to find my mission statement!


  4. Thank you for the wonderful techniques! Your insights were touching.


  5. Maya says:

    Hi Dave,
    Thank you so much for your talk!
    It was really useful and helpful for me, and it gave me some very useful insights.
    I loved what you said about the positive intention behind things in life/in the body that disturb us. Have to admit that I tend to forget to thank certain aspects. (Maybe if I put more intention in that I may stop biting nails after all..? 😊)
    What was also very useful to me, was the way to approach it: “I am not going to destroy you. Tell me what the positive intention is”.
    And lovely intiution-developing excercises. I will definetly try that!
    You said a lot more useful things, I wrote lots of notes! I would have loved to have heard a lot more!
    So thank you again! 🙏


  6. Helena Falcon-Ramos says:

    This was a good talk. I’m really curious what hypnosis is and how it works. Is it just turning off conciseness?

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