Practical Techniques to Reconnecting with Your Inner Wisdom – Dave Mueller

Topic: Practical Techniques to Reconnecting with Your Inner Wisdom

davefinalSpeaker: Dave Mueller

What you’ll learn:

  • How we disconnect from our inner wisdom
  • Understanding what is inner wisdom versus what isn’t inner wisdom.
  • Techniques to listening to your inner wisdom
  • How you will embrace your inner wisdom in mission

About: David is a certified hypnotherapist who has been perfecting his technique for over three decades. He uses hypnosis in a variety of ways from losing weight to improving performance.

Links:  Website


Prize: A one-on-one session with Dave!

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6 thoughts on “Practical Techniques to Reconnecting with Your Inner Wisdom – Dave Mueller

  1. Judie Cummings

    I like the going somewhere new to follow my intuition – I was literally talking to someone last night about how horrible I am about just driving and finding my way around, and how once all I had to do was turn around and get back onto a major highway and got lost. And yet, as my husband reminds me, I actually do have a good sense of direction when I don’t doubt myself, so with my ego and wounds and self doubts aside I am listening to my intuition. First time I’ve ever made that correlation, thanks!


  2. Cyndee Davis

    Thank you! Getting in touch with the feelings and knowing what they are trying to tell me is so difficult and I know that at times I have chosen to not pay attention and that doesn’t work out well for me of course. I really appreciated this session. I need to find my mission statement!


  3. Maya

    Hi Dave,
    Thank you so much for your talk!
    It was really useful and helpful for me, and it gave me some very useful insights.
    I loved what you said about the positive intention behind things in life/in the body that disturb us. Have to admit that I tend to forget to thank certain aspects. (Maybe if I put more intention in that I may stop biting nails after all..? 😊)
    What was also very useful to me, was the way to approach it: “I am not going to destroy you. Tell me what the positive intention is”.
    And lovely intiution-developing excercises. I will definetly try that!
    You said a lot more useful things, I wrote lots of notes! I would have loved to have heard a lot more!
    So thank you again! 🙏


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