Podcast: Coaching Tools for Anxiety

Ever wonder what kinds of tricks that coaches have for dealing with anxiety?

Even as coaches, we still have moments when we are overwhelmed or anxious. It’s about having the tools to move past the anxious thoughts and take care of ourselves so it doesn’t spiral out of control.

Today we have fellow coach and friend, Jenn Danielson who talks about preventing stress and anxiety and also what to do in the moment when you experience it. Listen in to hear more about:

  • How we can nip anxiety before it becomes a problem
  • How the body and the mind impact each other
  • What to do when you are experiencing anxiety
  • How to ground yourself instantly
  • Witnessing our stress and anxiety

Listen in



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About Jenn:

Jenn Danielson is a Reiki Master and coach who blends science & spreadsheets with incense & energy so you can generate connected change..

Grab free and fast mindset tools Jenn is offering here.

Connect with Jenn:

 Check out her website.

Check out the website to her Collective here.


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