Podcast: Anxiety and Our Health

Welcome (back) to inviting shift podcast. This new season’s topic is anxiety, and we’ll also talk about stress and depression. We’re diving deep into causes, and especially solutions through better health, doing our inner work and connecting to our spiritual selves. We’ll have different speakers who are experts in their specific fields and they’ll share their stories, the tools they use and most of all encouragement that life can be less chaos and more ease and flow.

Today we have Sarah Whalen joining us to talk about the endless cycle of how anxiety impacts our health and vice versa.

Some of the things we hit on:

  • How our gut is often the source of our anxiety
  • The cycle of how anxiety impacts our health and vice versa
  • How the foods we eat can increase or decrease anxiety
  • Tips to reduce anxiety whether you are on medication or not
  • Tools to use when you experience anxiety

How we care for ourselves greatly impacts how we feel. We don’t always understand the amount of stress our bodies are under until we take the time to listen in. Take the time today and listen to this short talk.

Listen in.

About Sarah:

• Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Life Coach
• Professional Certified mBIT Master Coach
• mBIT Innergetics Coach
• Professional Certified mBIT Coach Trainer
• Certified mBIT Evolve Your World Facilitator
• Certified mBodied Wisdom Facilitator
• Certified mBIT Loving Your Life Journey Facilitator
• Certified Strategic Interventionist (Tony Robbins/RMT)
• Guided Meditation

Sarah works with women over 40 who are tired of yo-yo dieting and who want to kick the diet mentality once and for all. Put size and weight on the shelf, and unlock the underlying feelings and patterns around how and what we eat. In addition to being an mBIT Coach Trainer, Sarah is one of just a few mBIT Master Coaches in the United States.

Sarah has over 30 years’ experience in business, coaching and volunteer work, with a passion for learning and inspiring people to live creatively, compassionately and courageously by supporting and empowering change and leadership excellence.

Sarah works predominantly as an online health, wellness and life coach, making her services globally accessible. She also provides mBIT Coach Training.

Connect with Sarah:

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