Need a TV Detox?

Summer TV Blackout Detox

(21 days to clear your TV cache)

I’m offering myself a 21 day reprieve of Netflix and cable. No movies and no TV for 21 days and if you’re interested in joining myself and friends, let’s do it together! Join the Inviting Shift group on Facebook. We’ll be giving updates on what we’re doing each day rather than tuning into the zombie box.

I’ll be offering a list of things to do if you’re bored and will be there to answer your questions or cheer you on!

When: Starting July 5 – July 25

Missed it? No worries, start any time.

What: Enjoy Summer TV Blackout – NO TV for 21 days!

Join the group:

   (No sign-ups or emails required. We’ll do it all right on the group page!)

Just another way I’m staying sharp and celebrating 40!

99coverCome on, join us! You know it’ll feel so good to detox of the news, shows and marketing on TV. Join the group:

Need some help with idea of what to do without TV? I’ve soooo got you covered. Free download  of 99 Things to Do & TV Ain’t One.