Living a Dream is Hard

It’s vulnerable and scary to show the world your heart. It’s full of fear and monsters in the closet. It means getting up earlier to squeeze in a little more, taking care of me, taking care of my son, making sure my home is at least manageable, cooking meals, running errands, volunteering for causes I believe in and coordinating with my husband. All this while doing some side marketing and writing work, running retreats and diving deep into new business challenges. It’s also often means trial by fire. Yep. Living the dream. It’s hearing one of the people I look up to admires my work and crying alone on the bathroom floor in the same day. It’s challenging. It’s sweet. It’s sour.

It’s also the easiest choice to live with.

What’s harder is dreaming big dreams and not pursuing them. Sitting on all the amazing things your spirit wants to do. It’s like painfully choking back the lump in your throat the first time you were dumped. We’re meant to explore our dreams or we wouldn’t have them. If there’s something that peaks your curiosity, follow it all the way down the yellow brick road. It’s trying to tell you something. What’s the hardest? Never learning to dream big, playing small your entire life and lacking passion for living. If a non-dreamer says “you’re wasting your time” or “it’ll never work”, have compassion for them. It must be really difficult to have no big dreams or inspiration. It’s hard having big dreams. It’s also awesome, exciting, and filled with passion and energy. If you aren’t living the dream, you might want to ask yourself what you are living for. Need some help with your dreams? Let’s have a clarity call. We’ll talk for 30 minutes about your dreams, get some clarity on what they are and how you get there. Let’s make a plan together. Email me now.]]>

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  1. It is tough to get to the point of living your dreams. It’s taken me 32 years to get to the stage where I am finally able to “create” the magazines of my dreams, and I’m only just at the beginning of the journey. What I’m very conscious of is that I don’t have forever, I have possibly 20-25 good working years left, if I’m lucky. You have to dream big and follow them sooner, as I’d hate for people to only know me as a blogger and not the publisher of amazing marketing magazines!

    1. It is tough. Sometimes the toughest part is just hanging in and showing up. I found this video today that I think sums up the suckiest parts:
      So we just keep showing up;-)

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