Listening to Your Heart to Manifest Abundance – Katlin Robinson


Topic: Listening to Your Heart to Manifest Abundance

katlin22Speaker: Katlin Robinson

Using guided meditation, movement, mantra and the chakras I will lead participants through a journey to deeper knowing within the heart. We will understand what we need to feel fertile in the most critical areas of our life – this is abundance. I will begin with a discussion on how the mind blocks our inner wisdom. With that as the context I will offer the three tools below for opening up inner wisdom.
What you will learn:

  • A breath practice to calm the mind and open the energetic center of intuition.
  • A guided meditation to open the heart to our inner wisdom and create a heart centered intention.
  • Daily movement and mantra practice to keep the heart open to inner listening and support what participants want to manifest. This is non-traditional “yoga asana” practice. It is simple yet powerful body movement that can be done standing or in a chair to calm the mind and open the heart.

Bio: Katlin is a Yoga Therapist specializing in yoga, mindfulness and meditation for mental health. She empowers and inspires women to bring light back into their spirit so that they can radiate it back to the world.

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Prize: Free one-on-one coaching session with Katlin!

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11 thoughts on “Listening to Your Heart to Manifest Abundance – Katlin Robinson

  1. Judie Cummings

    I really like the bees breath in the beginning of the meditation, it really helped me ground in this time and place. There was a phrase you used about extending your heart then your hand … i don’t remember exactly the wording. I like that a lot, and is a reminder to listen and hear what my heart is saying – so often I’m so busy that I forget to stop and listen. Thanks 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Cyndee Davis

    Thank you, I’ve never meditated because I always get caught up in all the head talking so it’s good to know to take the victories and push forward. Thanks so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    • katlinyoga

      I’m so happy to hear that. You are worthy of all your heart’s desires! Make this your mantra and carry it in your heart. Whenever your mind gets busy and doubts it just repeat that mantra. With practice you mind will concede and believe.
      Namaste, Katlin


  3. Jessica

    “…the practice becomes a passion” — love that! I’ve seen that again and again in my life as I connect more deeply and fully to numerous practices —> passions along my journey. A fabulous reminder, thanks!


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