I’m so excited for you to take this journey to shift the trajectory of your midlife so that you bring in more of what you want and don’t get stuck on the stuff that you don’t.

One note: this isn’t about being Positive Pollyanna or oozing gratitude although that can be a result. I’m a realist. I work with what actually works with our brains and emotions. So if you are in a part of life that doesn’t feel positive or grateful, this is for you too.


Fill in the Group Agreements for IAM here

This is for our safety in group so everyone can feel sharing from their hearts. Please do this BEFORE you attend our next session. 

The workbook:

You can get the entire Workbook here

And you can also download them piece by piece in each step. Your choice. You don’t have to print it out – a journal would work just fine too. 


The Content is all available now. I highly recommend going through a bit at a time and really sitting with each assignment rather than just coming up with answers. This is about reaching in and we need time to stretch that muscle.

You’ll get new content each Friday for the following week.