Embrace beauty, deepen relationships and be more present with the Lover Archetype.

Do you find it hard to find self-love?
Do you find yourself putting up walls when you want to connect?
Want to feel good being more present and being rather than doing?

Your inner Lover… she’s waiting.

Imagine a woman who feels comfortable – even sensual- in her own body. A woman who is not rushed by the doings and lists in the world, but by her own intuitive nature to be in the moment. A woman who nourishes and even indulges herself and because of it, walks around like a goddess — with sincere desire to connect deeply with others.

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This was recorded during the live but without any of the discussion for confidentiality reasons.


Treat yourself like you would a lover you are wooing.

Imagine if we had a partner that would do everything and more for our pleasure. Has this ever been you? Isn’t amazing the lengths we will go to for others, but dn’t always put our pleasure at the top of the list? Today, woo yourself with pleasure and senses.

To encourage your Lover to come out, take at least 15 minutes a day to be in a space that fills your senses with pleasure. This can be done during meditation or just while you take a breather, at the beginning of your day, at the end or anywhere in between. Here are some ideas:

  1. Come up with an affirmation. Examples: “I indulge my senses for pleasure.” “I give myself permission to be.” “I give myself permission to feel pleasure.” “I enjoy spending time with my body and my senses.”
  2. Give yourself a beautiful scent (essential oils, smudge, even fresh fruit).
  3. Put on some music or sounds that bring pleasure to you.
  4. Have flowers, a picture, art, or something else that is pleasing to you to look at, or maybe you want to give the eyes a break and focus on other senses if you feel you use your eyes too much.
  5. Bring yourself a snack or a pleasurable taste: dark chocolate, fresh fruit, etc.
  6. Create a space or wear soft fabrics that you like to feel on your skin – even if they are fancy clothes, just put them on for a few minutes. Let your skin indulge in the silky fabrics. We don’t treat this sense as deeply, especially considering how much our hands and touch does for us.
  7. What else? What else helps you feel in your body and present to your senses? Bring it on, however, don’t overwhelm yourself. You can always do different things tomorrow.

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