The Judge

Make good decisions and see your truth with the Judge archetype.

Do you struggle making decisions?
Are you able to use both your wisdom and intuition to make quick, solid decisions?
Do you have an inner critic that goes a bit judgment-crazy on yourself and others?

Your inner Judge… she’s waiting for you to discover her true powers.

Imagine a woman who is able to make clear objectivity from complicated chaos. She can see the truth in every situation and efficiently discern the risk and reward in every decision. She doesn’t rethink decisions she’s already made. Instead, she focuses on her ability to balance morals, ethics, rewards, risks, and desires to come up with the best plan to get to what she truly wants.

She can be you.

In this free mini-workshop, we’ll:

  • Step into the Judge energy with a visualization
  • Talk about her gifts and her shadows, including the inner critic
  • Find ways to bring on our Judge energy when we need it
  • Have a visualization to manage our inner critic

Slides here.


Inner Critic

The Inner Critic is the shadow of the Judge. Being over critical, and mostly just keeping us small so we don’t have to experience discomfort – even though the irony is the Inner Critic creates it’s own paralyzing discomfort. Instead of trying to shut her up or ignore her, it can be helpful to make her someone who loves you dearly and just has a lot of fear.

Try this visualization and test it out. Then imagine using this every time she comes up.