“There are moments of sadness and moment of joy. This is life.”

― Beth Cohen

Imagine a woman who finds comfort in our aging process. Imagine a woman who is tuned into who she is in her soul and lets ancient wisdom guide her choices and journey. Imagine a woman who finds herself more valuable as she gets older rather than less. She stands tall and knows her experience is worthy of care, respect, and honor. She’s in you. Your Crone is waiting.

Our Crone archetype is one that many women shy away from. I want to change Crone from a bad 5-letter word to one of honor. There are unmeasurable gifts in the Crone Archetype, like:

  • The ability to listen to her own intuition
  • Trust in herself and the Universe’s cycles
  • The ability to hold space for someone in a healing way
  • Understanding of humanity
  • Ability to accept what is and challenging situations

In this mini-workshop, we’ll

  • Step into the Crone energy with a visualization
  • Talk about her gifts and her shadows
  • Find ways to bring on our Crone energy when we need it
  • Craft a ritual to celebrate our Crone energy

Slides here.



After the class we talked about a ritual for loving our aging process.

When you see something that is physically troubling, remind yourself about the reasons it is the way it is and how much richness you have enjoyed because of it. For example, my double chin is from me speaking up for myself. My gray hairs are the worry I have for the child I love so much. The lines on my face are from times I laughed with friends. Tell yourself as many good things as possible.

Write them down. and remind yourself of all your experience, love, wisdom and more.