The Adolescent

The courage and energy to embrace big shifts are in the Adolescent archetype.

Are you going through big changes?
Want to learn to trust yourself in relationships?
Need the confidence to move head-first towards your dreams?

Your inner Adolescent… she’s waiting.

Imagine a woman who handles every challenge, every change, and every life-changing event with courage and tenacity. Imagine a young woman who follows her authenticity and trusts in her own voice. Imagine a woman who knows when to listen to her own voice and calling over the world’s structure. She moves from one stage of life to another with excitement and curiosity.

She can be you.

In this free mini-workshop, we’ll:

  • Step into the Adolescent energy with a visualization
  • Talk about her gifts and her shadows
  • Find ways to bring on our Adolescent energy when we need it

Slides here.



Write a letter to the Adolescent in you. Affirm her strength.

After adolescence, a lot of us can look back and cringe. We want to hide the Adolescent energy because well, it’s uncomfortable. I invite you to consider her gifts and honoring her in a letter. It can be both your own adolescence and the energy of the archetype that you still have even after adolescence.

Some prompts that might help:

  1. What are some major transitions or changes that your Adolescent energy supported you through? The harder the challenge, the more it probably hurt. Discomfort doesn’t have to mean the change was bad, it just means we were stronger and got through it. That’s something to honor her for.
  2. What are some ways of the adolescent you might want to shift to serve you better? Let her know.
  3. What are some things that you really love about her? Feel free to go overboard with this one.
  4. When is rebellion the right thing to do?
  5. Let her know how you want to support her with whatever she needs and she has other archetypes to help her. She isn’t alone nor is she expected to do it alone.
  6. Honor her for all the ways she stays authentic to herself.

Keep this letter on your altar or somewhere you’ll see it to remind yourself of your beautiful Adolescent energy.