Sacred Garden: Get out of your head

Sometimes the most important thing we can do is ‘ground’. Ground in this sense means to center yourself, take a moment to get back into your body, and be here, now. It’s like taking the chaos of our outer world off and sitting in the stillness that is always there, inside and under all the feelings and racing thoughts. How do we get there? We find a sacred place that we consciously enter with the intention of presence. It’s where your stillness is and even deeper – it’s where your innermost wisdom resides.

Today, we’ll journey to a sacred garden. It’s a place of stillness, wisdom and safety.

Questions to Journal:

  • What did your garden look like from outside the gate?
  • What did the gate or door look like when entering your garden?
  • What things did you notice in the garden? Colors? Textures?
  • What did it sound like in your garden?
  • What did it smell like in your garden?
  • What did it feel like in your garden? Where did you feel that in your body?
  • Where did you find a place to sit?
  • How big was your garden?
  • Did you receive any wisdom by sitting in your garden today?

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